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Meet Jane Muddle – The face behind the bags and hats

Jwne Muddle, Founder of MadajazzMadajazz founder Jane Muddle has had a pretty colourful career. She’s worked for the British National Oil Corporation, amongst other large international companies, spending 20 years in corporate pensions and worked with Richard Branson for 9 years as Area Sales Manager for Vie.

But with a high flying career comes pressure and the combination of a health scare, exhaustion as well as an inherently entrepreneurial spirit, meant that by the late 2000s it was time to do something new and also to start giving back.

As luck would have it, in 2009 Jane saw some stunning bags and hats on the catwalk at a charity event and the idea behind Madajazz was born. Not one to mess about, Madajazz was launched early in 2010 and its success since then has been fast. It’s currently operating from a number of counties throughout the UK and offers customers something different, ethically based but well-priced and having visited already, Jane hopes to return to Madagascar in the not too distant future.

Never one to stand still, Jane is also a regular public speaker who delivers vibrant and colourful presentations as you’d expect and mentors and inspires fellow start up entrepreneurs by working independently with various women’s organizations, or on a 121 basis. 

The Madajazz ethos

Jane believes in giving back and that’s the driving force behind Madajazz. Our colourful, handwoven Raffia bags and hats are imported from Madagascar via Fairtrade schemes and Jane has carefully chosen her suppliers based on their ethical approach.

But it’s not all about Madagascar

If Madajazz attends your charitable event, we’ll donate 10% of our profits to you and your cause because when we say it’s about giving back, we really mean it.

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