About our bags, hats and suppliers

Making a difference with our bags, hats and suppliers

About our suppliers

Madajazz founder Jane has visited Madagascar and seen first-hand the lives of the people who make our bags and hats. She’s also seen some of the many challenges that the people of Madagascar face and that’s the driving force in making sure our bags and hats and your custom, continue to help improve the lives and futures of the people of this beautiful island.

Ethical and sustainable

Our suppliers have been very carefully chosen for their ethical approach. Local co-operatives hand-weave the fibre and create the colourful bags and hats you’ll find here at Madajazz and our mission is to make sure that we help provide the people of Madagascar with regular, fair-paid work. We also seek out suppliers who actively give back to the community by supporting and re-investing in it and all our products are produced via the “Fairtrade scheme” and are environmentally sustainable.

An extra helping hand

Madajazz is also supporting a number of enterprises – also supported by the European Union – that are involved in reforestation and the promotion of the local economy and protection of the habitat of wildlife. And with the support and help of the Madagascan Development Fund, the lives of those in this beautiful Island are continually being improved. Government incentives are in place to protect the forests and by doing so are the plants, trees and natural habitat for wildlife, many of which are endemic and some villages are now enjoying a proper water supply for the first time. Our mission at Madajazz is to continue to support these efforts in whatever way we can.

So much more than a bag and hat

And our bags and hats are also great quality and really unique. Each bag comes with a drawstring, zip or magnetic fastener and whilst most do have leather trim, some have plastic or raffia trim for those who prefer. Most of our bags are predominantly made from raffia and a number of them are enhanced even further with the addition of local polished coconut shell, Zebu horn or cinnamon!

By buying our products, you are directly contributing to both humanitarian and environmental projects in Madagascar and improving the lives of people living in poverty. That makes for a pretty impressive bag.

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